The Day Of Boxing And Continued Tranquility

Boxing Day 2002

On a small peninsula of land, near the castle.

Boxing Day was very much like Christmas Day, except without the presents or messages in bottles. A day of extreme relaxation and regeneration. We took another walk, this time along the cliffs to the south, towards the nearby village of Collieston. We came across a rather charming beach and bay, albeit one contaminated by filth and pollution. I found a little cave which I insisted upon inspecting. My mother and sister were less enthusiastic, though I'm sure if I'd found a corpse or gold they'd have been more impressed. The rest of the day continued in the relaxed fashion of the day before. We ate a curry made by mum in the evening. Another soothing and carefree day.

The pretty, but very polluted, bay midway between the castle and Collieston.

Mum and Morag.

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